We are the New York Affiliate of Survived & Punished

Survived & Punished (S&P) is a coalition of defense campaigns and grassroots groups committed to eradicating the criminalization of survivors of domestic and sexual violence and the culture of violence that contributes to it. The all-volunteer organization includes community organizers, survivor advocates, legal experts, and policy advocates including currently and formerly incarcerated survivors. 

The national S&P coalition is led by a core of organizers from the survivor defense campaigns, the national Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign and the California-based Stand With Nan-Hui campaign; the Chicago-based organization, Love and Protect (formerly the Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander); and the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. S&P also has two strong statewide team based in California and New York focused on freeing criminalized survivors from prisons and detention centers through organizing and policy advocacy in the state.


A picture of the first issue of Survived and Punished NY magazine surrounded by other publications posted to a cork board.

This is what we care about This is what we care about

Our Mission

Survived & Punished NY affiliate is a collective dedicated to ending the criminalization of survival. We are the New York wing of Survived & Punished (S&P), a national coalition working in Chicago, New York and California. S&P organizes to de-criminalize efforts to survive domestic and sexual violence, support and free criminalized survivors, and abolish gender violence, policing, prisons, and deportations. S&P was founded in 2016 by organizers from the Stand With Nan-Hui defense campaign, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, Love & Protect (then known as Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander), and the national Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign. The New York collective formed a year later and has since hosted letter-writing events, launched a robust visiting program to NY prisons, established a quarterly inside/ outside newsletter, sent resources directly to incarcerated people, and organized campaigns to free all criminalized survivors. 


75% of the women incarcerated at the Bedford Hills Maximum Security Correctional Facility in New York reported that they had experienced physical intimate partner violence as an adult.
A study in New York State found that, of women who had killed someone close to them, 67% had been abused by the homicide victim