Mutual Aid Toolkit Mutual Aid Toolkit

We offer this toolkit as a resource for people interested in contributing to Survived & Punished NY’s mutual aid commissary giving project.

This toolkit begins with an introduction to who we are as Survived & Punished and the values that guide our work. It then discusses mutual aid and fundraising, including specific recommendations, tips, and steps for doing grassroots fundraising.

We initially created this toolkit as a guide for people and communities who had reached out to us with an interest in fundraising for Survived & Punished NY’s commissary giving project specifically, but we also hope this guide can provide an abolitionist analysis to support the creation of transformative mutual aid projects across many types of communities and movements.

To reach out with questions, feedback or joy-sharing, email us at

Mutual Aid Fundraising Resources Mutual Aid Fundraising Resources

Fundraising Email Template:

Fundraising Email Template [Google Doc]

Sample Graphic for Social Media:

mutual aid fundraiser graphic with link to fundraiser

Guide to Sending Money to Comrades through JPay: