Mutual Aid

The Survived and Punished NY Mutual Aid Working Group supports incarcerated survivors of gender-based violence through sustained commissary support, care packages, visitation, and communication. We believe in giving that is voluntary, reciprocal, and not based on a deserving/not deserving paradigm. We are survivor-centered and strongly feel that folks on the inside know how best to spend and use resources based on their particular needs and circumstances; thus, what is given has no strings, stipulations, or caveats attached. We see giving as an entry point to solidarity as well as a site of political education, action, and mutual growth for all folks involved. Our giving is oriented towards the possibility of creating mutually nourishing connections. Through this orientation, we hope to creatively transform what it means to give. We envision a future that acknowledges the interconnectedness of people, which requires us to build structures that are life-affirming.

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